Employee Benefit Plans

Employee Benefit Plans are highly complex instruments with interwoven dependencies that contribute to their health.  Given this, plan managers require qualified, experience auditors who have the ability to work as partners and who share the common goal of protecting employees and retirees’ benefits.

Employee Benefits


Adding to the daily struggle for resources, non-profit organizations are increasingly challenged by stricter funding requirements — thereby, requiring them to have a more accurate reporting and financial accountability structure.   More than ever, it is critical that non-profit organizations build a strong financial foundation so that most of their resources are allocated to achieving their mission and growing legacy organizations. 

Non-Profit Organizations

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Prado & Renteria exists to create value and engagement opportunities for organizations and individuals to fulfill their purpose.

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Prado & Renteria creates and expands relationships by listening for what would make a difference to our clients, employees and members of our communities. From that listening, P&R contributes tailored financial and professional knowledge and experience.