Maria Prado CPA
Partner, Co-founder & President

Hilda Renteria CPA
Partner, Co-founder

Partners & Founders

Today, Prado & Renteria Prof. Corp. is the largest Hispanic woman-owned CPA firm in the state of Illinois. Through our trusted support and expertise, Prado & Renteria is a champion for other minority and woman-owned small businesses.

Maria de J. Prado (CPA) and Hilda S. Renteria (CPA) are two Latina-pioneer women, who in 1990, decided to embark on the adventure of founding a CPA firm⁠—⁠ notwithstanding the many obstacles and adversities they knew they would find at that time.⁠

Both Maria de J. Prado and Hilda S. Renteria have over 30 years of audit and accounting experience with specialized expertise within our practice areas. With their experience, they have gained and kept the trust of clients in a wide variety of fields. Beyond being the preferred trusted advisor, Prado & Renteria is also guiding a new generation of professionals in their path to excellence and purpose-fulfilling success. “Prado & Renteria exists to create value and engagement opportunities for organizations and individuals to fulfill their purpose.”  It is through this intentionality in which P&R approaches the team and client relationships.

Prado & Renteria Celebrates 30 Years: 1990-2020

Prado & Renteria exists to create value and engagement opportunities for organizations and individuals to fulfill their purpose.


Trust-Based Relationships


Our Corporate Values

We are turning our vision into a reality by implementing our three corporate values: Integrity, Trust-Based Relationships, and Leadership.

At Prado & Renteria we understand Integrity as “the quality of being complete,” so for us, the state of being whole is one way of being authentic.

Trust-Based Relationships
We believe that life happens in relationships, but we also know that building relationships and raising their quality are two very different things. For this reason, we are passionately committed to building our every relationship, either internal or client-wise, on trust.

At Prado & Renteria, we coach our team members to exercise leadership as self-expression, helping them become natural leaders in any situation that may present itself in their lives, rather than selectively applying tactics or strategies.

Bringing Simplicity to Complexity

Nowadays, the accounting function is facing an increasingly challenging environment. The whole association is operating under great pressure for financial accountability. The threshold for error is lower than ever, adding to that our economically challenged environment, the additional pressure for transparency, and we have the perfect recipe for a highly stressed and complex accounting function. And so, this demanding current context demands bringing simplicity to such a complex trade.

At Prado & Renteria, we work diligently everyday to simplify, digest and decode every accounting or auditing matter that might land on our clients’ plates. Our team is qualified, ready, capable and willing to assist our client experience. Our team understands to be efficient and productive, we cannot operate under the given circumstances. We therefore create our own context to ensure workability. We look at issues from a context and provide transformational perspectives and solutions to our clients. Thus, becoming our clients’ trusted advisors. 

Through years of experience, we have learned our most valuable assets are our relationships: internal and external, the trust deposited in us, and the leadership of our specialists in which they bring specific knowledge to match each client’s needs. We have developed a highly specialized structure of practice areas, where our teams are able to fulfill our promise to our clients. We bring “simplicity to complexity” by combining discipline, knowledge, expertise, natural leadership and the desire to cultivate strong and long term trusting relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

Prado & Renteria is a minority woman-owned certified firm.

Professional Associations

The partners of Prado & Renteria are members of:

  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • The Illinois CPA Society (ILCPA)
  • The AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC)
Civic Engagements

Prado & Renteria is active in shaping the Accounting Industry in the state of Illinois. Partners are members of:

  • The Illinois Board of Examiners (ILBOE)
  • The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation – The Public Accountant Registration Committee (IDFPR)

Prado & Renteria is a minority woman-owned certified firm. The firm has the following certifications:

  • Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC)
  • MBE/WBE from Cook County, Illinois
  • Minority and Women Business Enterprise from the State of Illinois
  • Minority owned and controlled business from the Chicago Minority Business Development Council

Prado & Renteria and partners have been recognized throughout their careers. Their achievements consist of:

  • 50 Most Influential Latinos in the Chicago Area – 2020,” Negocios Now, 2021
  • “Notable Minorities in Accounting, Consulting & Law,” Crain’s Chicago Business, 2020
  • “Business Leaders of Color,” Chicago United, 2017
  • “Chairman’s Award Program Champion Honorable Recognition,” Chicago United, 2016
  • “Latinas in Business Award,” Negocios Now Who’s Who – Chicago, 2014
  • “Abriendo Fronteras, Uniendo Comunidades,” La Federación de Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois (FEDECMI), 2014
  • “Siervo de la Nación,” La Federación de Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois (FEDECMI), 2014
  • “Business Leaders Program Champion Honorable Recognition,” Chicago United, 2007-2013
  • “Business Leadership Award (Premio Empresarial La Raza),” La Raza, 2008
  • “In Appreciation For Your Support,” Latino Association of Business Students (L.A.B.S) – University of Illinois at Chicago, 1999

The P&R Foundation

Prado & Renteria  supports minority businesses and non-profit organizations to create informed business solutions. Our consultative contributions promote growth and sustainability through strategic and action planning. We founded the P&R foundation to enhance these contributions. We work to see our communities grow and thrive.

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