Training & Development

At Prado & Renteria, we relate to each team member holistically. Through our growth and development program, we offer coaching and mentoring opportunities for our staff. We create safe spaces where our team members can talk about what matters to them. The aim is to support our team’s self-expression so they can then act as natural leaders in their personal and professional lives. 

Prado & Renteria encourages team members to exercise this model of leadership in our weekly team-building discussions and client engagements. Staff are exposed to a range of client projects enabling them to practice their way of being. 

Prado & Renteria is honored to witness staff transformations, seeing our team evolve is a rewarding experience for both the individual and our team environment.


“P&R was my first-degree job in the profession right out of college; so, I was very new, unexperienced and excited. Working here provides you with great opportunities with the amount of exposure; you work with individuals and firms of all backgrounds. During my staff years, I had tremendous support from supervisors and managers through guidance and mentoring. Relatively quickly as a quick-learner, I was able to pick up on their strategies and eventually became a senior myself.

I meet with my coach bi-monthly; having a trust-worthy coach helps identify things/issues I didn’t see myself. I believe through my coaching that I’ve become more patient and understanding.”

– Senior Auditor in Governmental Team

Growth & Development

“P&R has provided me with the opportunity to move up. I’ve had a chance to work with my coach and manager to create a growth and development plan that aligns with my short-term and long-term career goal. This allows me to monitor my progress and receive timely feedback from my team.

In the past year, I observed myself improving my knowledge in the accounting and tax field, gained technical skills and started to build my leadership. All which support my career path goal and growth and development progress.”

– Senior Accountant in Tax & Accounting Team