Firm’s Contribution to our Local Hispanic Community

Citlali Renteria presents the Prado & Renteria Foundation scholarship to UIC Business Student, Jari Mejia.

Photos by LocVisuals for UIC Accounting

University of Illinois Chicago’s 50th Annual Accounting Banquet – Scholarship Presentations

At Prado & Renteria, we value personal growth journeys that take you to different places and allow you to learn new customs, languages, and cultures. But no matter how far your journey takes you, your roots will always keep you grounded.

Such is the case with partners, Maria de J. Prado and Hilda S. Renteria, who have traveled far on their journey, but their roots have kept them connected with our youth and current realities. Three years ago, through the Prado &  Renteria Foundation, partners established an endowment fund at their alma mater for that very reason. It was created to support younger generations of immigrants and first-generation college students in fulfilling their educational goals and jumpstarting their professional careers.

This is the third year the Prado & Renteria Foundation grants a scholarship to business students at the University of Illinois Chicago – College of Business. In the spring, P&R attended the University’s 50th Annual Accounting Banquet where they met with students and faculty over dinner. P&R also had the opportunity to get to know the Foundation’s scholarship recipient, Jari Mejia.

True to our firm’s mission in—creating value and engagement opportunities for organizations and individuals to fulfill their purpose— our partners’ proud support of our local Hispanic community is an ongoing initiative.

Partners, Team and Scholarship Recipient

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