MBE WBE Certification Benefits

Become Certified with the City of Chicago

Are you interested in MBE WBE Certification with the City of Chicago?

Becoming certified with the City of Chicago can be a long and complex process. A certified public accountant can expedite the process by attesting the MBE WBE’s application meets the requirements of the City of Chicago’s certification program, the Professional Declaration of Eligibility (PDE).

Prado & Renteria has the experience to interpret the strict City of Chicago certification program guidelines and to recommend qualified applicants for certification.

Minority and Women-Owned Enterprises

Professional Declaration of Eligibility Benefits

Through the PDE program, vendors will have expedited access and integration to

  • Governmental Opportunities and
  • The City’s Directory

We Can Help

As an experienced and licensed CPA firm, P&R is equipped to support and enhance the certification process for minority and/or women-owned businesses. We have over 5 years of experience reviewing MBE WBE certification packages for the City of Chicago. Under the Professional Declaration of Eligibility, P&R prepares a certification recommendation for the city after the firm reviews vendor qualifications. The City of Chicago then commits to review and fast-track the certification recommendation. This process allows the MBE WBE vendor to participate in a potential contracting opportunity by proving their certification status before presenting their application to the City.

We create a smooth process for eligible minority and women-owned businesses with our experience and assistance with the application’s documentation.

Learn more about our MBE WBE Certification Process at our dedicated page

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