MBE/WBE Certification

The goal of our MBE/WBE certification services is to provide vendors with an understanding of the MBE/WBE regulations and vendors eligibility requirements.

Prado & Renteria has the necessary expertise to review, verify and attest vendors’ eligibility for MBE/WBE certification with the City of Chicago. We analyze and assess business industries, operations and internal controls to complete certification packages and Professional Declarations of Eligibility that meet MBE/WBE regulation requirements and expedite the certification process. P&R’s experience includes certification packages for various certifying entities including The Cook County and City of Chicago sister agencies. 

Prado & Renteria will assist you with the following process.

Service Process

  • Consultation
  • Certification Packages
  • Professional Declaration of Eligibility
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MBE/WBE Certification Process

To begin, you will receive a free consultation from our team.

  1. Consultation – assessment of MBE/WBE eligibility
  2. Certification Packagesapplication preparation and completion of business profile including documents meeting certification requirements
  3. Professional Declaration of Eligibility (PDE)*expedited certification process, application preparation, completion of business profile, on-site visit interview, preparation of detailed report and CPA attestation
*Per the city’s regulations The PDE service is only available to non-construction, non-supplier/distributors that have not been denied, withdrawn or graduated from MBE/WBE program.

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