MBE/WBE Certification

The goal of our MBE/WBE certification services is to provide vendors with an understanding of the MBE/WBE regulations and vendor’s eligibility.

Prado & Renteria has the necessary expertise to review, verify and attest vendors’ eligibility for MBE/WBE certification with the City of Chicago and affiliated sister agencies. We analyze and assess business industries, operations and internal controls to complete certification packages and Professional Declarations of Eligibility that meet MBE/WBE regulation requirements and expedite the certification process.

Prado & Renteria will assist you with the following process.

Service Process

  • Consultation
  • Certification Packages
  • Professional Declaration of Eligibility

MBE/WBE Certification Process

To begin, you will receive a free consultation from our team.

  1. Consultation – assessment of MBE/WBE eligibility
  2. Certification Packagesapplication preparation and completion of business profile including documents meeting certification requirements
  3. Professional Declaration of Eligibility*expedited certification process, application preparation, completion of business profile, on-site visit interview, preparation of detailed report and CPA attestation
*Per the city’s regulations this service is only available to non-construction, non-supplier/distributors that have not been denied, withdrawn or graduated from MBE/WBE program.

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