Government entities are under constant scrutiny not only to be accountable and transparent about expenditures and actions, but to ensure contribution to the public good.  The time is ripe for a partner with a solid reputation and track record of excellence.

Prado & Renteria is such a partner.  Our extensive experience with government agencies gives us insight into the inner workings and infrastructures allowing us to step into projects, assess the situation, and provide the necessary expertise, immediately.

The Prado & Renteria government practice area consists of individuals with extensive accounting, audit, and consulting experience. 

Government Services

A critical component of accountability and transparency is accurate record keeping and financial statement reporting.   Evaluating internal controls and identifying areas of improvement is the key to reduce the risk of financial statement misstatements. In today’s zero-tolerance environment, where an honest mistake can be misconstrued, it is necessary to stay a few steps ahead. 

The following are the accounting services that we offer:

  • General ledger account reconciliations
  • Financial reporting

Prado & Renteria is the largest Hispanic owned CPA firm in Illinois. It provides specialized accounting, audit, consulting, and tax services across its unique practice areas.

Prado & Renteria’s financial statement audit experience includes extensive exposure to auditing techniques and methodologies for testing account balances. Our audit approach is geared toward identifying meaningful areas of improvement or efficiencies, in addition to the expressing of an opinion.

Our government practice area has extensive audit experience, which includes auditing techniques and methodologies, for testing account balances and transactions in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards. 

The following are the types of audits that we conduct:

  • Financial
  • Investigative
  • Internal Control
  • Compliance
  • Single Audits
  • Special purpose audits of government units or contractors and vendors

The goal of our consulting projects is to obtain a thorough understanding of the current situation, as well as the objectives, based on optimal use of resources, including equipment and software; and human capital.

We analyze, assess, and interpret financial information in order to see beyond the numbers and identify actionable improvements

The following are the types of consulting services that we offer:

  • Audit report reviews
  • Accounting related training
  • Internal control reviews
  • Efficiency reviews
  • Policies and procedures documentation
  • Audit report reviews (DHS)