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Julia Rosa Creative Floral House

Prado & Renteria CPAs wishes you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

As a small business, Prado & Renteria recognizes the impact the pandemic has had on other small businesses. Needless to say, we were sorry to hear the impact COVID-19 played on our florist friend, Julia Rosa. Julia Rosa Creative Floral House is based in New York and serves her clientele in NYC, Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago. Prado & Renteria knows firsthand the beautiful Julia Rosa designs that brighten up any ambience, as they did in our office for many years. We admire the care and attention added into creating the fine floral bouquets and arrangements.

As a nonessential business, Julia Rosa has had limited resources and has not been able to enhance nor adorn her clientele. COVID-19 resulted in Julia Rosa to furlough her growing team. Setting her back to wearing many hats, reminiscent of Rosa’s earlier years.

Prado & Renteria understands the sacrifices we’ve all made to endure and survive. We appreciate the value Rosa provided us over the years, whether adding color to our personal spaces or setting the mood at our events.

By supporting a small business like Julia Rosa Creative Floral House, we are contributing to the bigger picture. Small enterprises create two-thirds of the economy’s new net jobs. Essentially creating employment, economic growth and innovation to our local neighborhoods and communities.

As we welcome the new year, brighter celebrations and spaces are made possible with floral designs by Julia Rosa.

We invite our communities to shop from small businesses and support your local people

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