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Firm’s Contribution to our Local Hispanic Community

University of Illinois Chicago’s 50th Annual Accounting Banquet – Scholarship Presentations At Prado & Renteria, we value personal growth journeys that take you to different places and allow you to learn new customs, languages, and cultures. But no matter how far your journey takes you, your roots will always keep you grounded. Such is the […]

The CPA Credential & Inspiring Future Younger Generations

Hilda Renteria, CPA was featured in IL CPA Society’s Insight publication (Summer 2023 issue) on the subject of the CPA credential and what it means for professionals, particularly those of an immigrant background. Hilda, along with other CPAs within the state, shared her experience as a CPA, her immigrant perspective, career trajectory and the influence […]

MBE WBE Certification Tips

Pitfalls to Avoid During the City of Chicago’s Certification Process Preparation is crucial when adhering to the strict City of Chicago Certification program’s guidelines. To ensure a seamless process, we recommend that an applicant confirm their eligibility, qualifications and documentation before completing and submitting the online application. The online application is available on the City […]

MBE WBE Certification Benefits

Are you interested in MBE WBE Certification with the City of Chicago? Becoming certified with the City of Chicago can be a long and complex process. A certified public accountant can expedite the process by attesting the MBE WBE’s application meets the requirements of the City of Chicago’s certification program, the Professional Declaration of Eligibility […]

Prado & Renteria CPAs to offer scholarships to University of Illinois Chicago Business Students

At Prado & Renteria (P&R), we believe in paying it forward, particularly to the university that helped jumpstart our partners’ careers. Both Maria de J. Prado and Hilda S. Renteria are graduates of the University of Illinois Chicago College of Business Administration. Prado & Renteria CPAs created the Prado and Renteria Foundation as an extension […]