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Non-Profit Organizations:

We provide specialized accounting, audit, consulting, and tax services.

Non-profit organizations are under pressure to track and account for the funds that they receive for specific programs.  Credibility is greatly linked to accurate documentation and reporting.  Therefore, information gathering, document retention, accurate reporting and accountability are critical factors to consider. 

The following are the accounting services that we offer:

For non-profit organizations, donors may seek to review audited financial statements during the grant award decision process.  A non-profit organization may also be required to submit audited financial statements with its annual state tax filing.  In both of these scenarios, credible, audited financial statements may be critical to success.

Prado & Renteria‚Äôs financial statement audit experience includes extensive exposure to auditing techniques and methodologies for testing account balances and transactions in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards. 

The following are the types of audits that we conduct:

Essential to building a solid financial foundation are the selection and integration of an accounting system and the development or review of internal controls, in order to identify deficiencies; and to reduce and/or eliminate the risk of financial statement misstatement.

The following are the types of consulting services that we offer:

In addition to preparation of informational tax returns, we have assisted clients to effectively negotiate and/or respond to tax penalty and/or deficiency notices.

We provide a range of tax return preparation services:

Prado & Renteria is the largest Hispanic owned CPA firm in Illinois. It provides specialized accounting, audit, consulting, and tax services across its unique practice areas: employee benefit plans, government, corporations, private companies, non-profit organizations.

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