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Non-Profit Organizations

Mission Driven. Financial Foundation.™

Non Profit OrganizationsOverview
Adding to the daily struggle for resources, non-profit organizations are increasingly challenged by stricter funding requirements -- thereby, requiring them to have a more accurate reporting and financial accountability structure.   More than ever, it is critical that non-profit organizations build a strong financial foundation so that most of their resources are allocated to achieving their mission and growing legacy organizations. 

Our non-profit practice area serves as a resource to build a strong financial foundation.  We can handle the more complex reporting challenges; provide recommendations for internal control structures that encompass financial accountability; and provide training to internal accounting staff.

The Prado & Renteria non-profit practice area consists of individuals with extensive accounting, audit and tax experience making it easier for organizations to focus on their mission-driven initiatives and hence building and growing their legacy.  

Our non-profit organizations practice area provides specialized accounting, audit, consulting, and tax services that bring simplicity to a highly complex function. 

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