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Corporations Practice Area Services:

We provide specialized accounting and audit services.

A critical component of accountability and transparency is accurate record keeping and financial statement reporting.  Today’s environment may pose a threat to these critical components given not only staff reductions, but the daily strain, faced by employees to increasingly, do more.  Prado & Renteria can be an added-value resource to your accounting staff.  Our extensive experience provides us with a platform to leap from and become an extension of an existing team or, if necessary, step-in for a team member who may be absent for a period of time.

A corporation may seek assistance from an external, experienced CPA firm to audit certain programs or activities.  Prado & Renteria can fulfill this need.  Our experience has shown that accurate, efficient audits are best achieved by looking beyond the top layers, the standard auditors’ checklist, and exploring deeper in order to identify meaningful insights that can lead to significant improvements in internal controls and financial reporting structures.  Essentially, we feel that a good auditor brings a client not only knowledge and expertise, but a great level of discernment.

Our corporations practice area consists of highly experienced audit professionals with knowledge of auditing techniques and methodologies to test account balances and transactions in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards. 

Prado & Renteria is the largest Hispanic owned CPA firm in Illinois. It provides specialized accounting, audit, consulting, and tax services across its unique practice areas: employee benefit plans, government, corporations, private companies, non-profit organizations.

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